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Within the last few weeks, I've once again been a busy little worker bee! :aww:  I did another test shoot for BMG with the lovely Jennifer Smurr, such a gorgeous girl and so ridiculously sweet! :heart: We went for something that neither of us had in our portfolio, a shoot that was dark and rich with great textural clothing and vampy makeup! Safia, the owner of, did a fabulous job on the makeup and hair! I also did a shoot with a local designer named Ricky Lindsay (you can see a few of his designs here:  He had seen my shoot with Katie in the pool, and wanted to do know if I would shoot with his mermaid inspired dresses in the same location.  Well, duh! I don't think it's a secret that I love mermaids, and his gowns are so incredibly fun! We had a great time even though we had the worst lighting ever with it about to storm. As the models were in the pool (and I was standing on a tall metal ladder), we had lightning going on and that sure scared me! Shooting at an ISO of 400-500 isn't usually my thing, but we made it work and they've already become quite popular on my facebook page! I even had a couple of people comment on the lighting in a positive manner.  Kind of ironic. I also did my first newborn session! This weekend I'll be photographing my first wedding, so wish me LOTS of luck on that!!  

And even more exciting is that on October 28th, it will be the anniversary of my first shoot with a model! How cool is that? I can't believe how much I've accomplished in a year, it really does blow my mind. Of course I had photographed some people before that, but friends and family don't necessarily count in my mind. ;)  Thank goodness for those people that trusted me in the beginning, and for showing me that photographing with complete strangers can actually be really fun! Life is such a beautiful thing and I'm so glad I was able to get through the confusion of it at all.  There were definitely a few times that I was ready to give it all up.

And now for a little feature of 25 deviations under 50 favorites! I tried to put together a  good range of mediums, as I really do enjoy all of them! Also, please take your time to read the literature ones, they are short and also extremely enjoyable.

          Forever Pretty by jbfort Expressive by jbfort
          Lady by jbfort helen4 by staceyclarkephoto
          20120817-1 by PhilPhux Reflections. by immugraah
          serenity by caffeism fabulous strand faerie by LailaPregizer
          Olya by Anne-Lunova Escape To Prison by xBassxHarmingx
          :thumb320127746: Teardrop I by PicturePuttonen
          rose by aimeelikestotakepics 457457 by afamjaowy
                   :thumb330160607:No church in the wild by wonderland1
                   Sleepy Farm Critter - Cow by becsketch Decoy by PicturePuttonen
           dandelions yay. by yapii Lifes Philosophies I by GregorKerle
           Creature. by saratheresee Staring Eyes by Holunder
            ForgottenMy brother moved out
suddenly -
cleared every drawer,
took all the coat hangers
and stuffed everything in his car,
leaving the bedsheets a tangled mess.
The only thing left was a photo of his son
on the dresser mirror.
FFM 30: Pie    By the end of their first date, it was clear that Mack and Paula had only one thing in common:  a craving for apple pie for dessert.  After a lackluster blind date, sharing a slice was enough of a delight to incite conversation.  For their second date, they skipped dinner altogether and went to a bakery.
Apple pie became their date thing.  It was nearly impossible to find a restaurant that didn't offer apple pie, and no matter what was for dinner, they always shared dessert.  Dutch apple pie at the German brew-house down the street, or perhaps a nice crepe if they were doing French.  You got two turnovers for a dollar at McDonald's, and each of them would eat one.
    On their wedding day, they couldn't agree on cake, so there were dozens of apple pies.  Holidays, she would bake, and on vacation, they would seek noteworthy pies--for their fifth anniversary, they took

                         Witchling by eshkenazi

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